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Share Account
Opening this basic savings account establishes your membership in the Credit Union. With a minimum deposit of $5.00 into this account, you will enjoy all of the products and services that we have to offer you as a member. Because you have a "Share account," you own a share of the Credit Union. 

Checking Account
With direct deposit or a $500 balance, your Checking account is free at the Credit Union! There are no service charges, no per-check charges and you have the freedom to write as many checks as you like. Stop paying those high bank fees by opening a HCFCU Share Draft today.

Money Market Account (MMA)
A money market account provides a higher rate of return on your money with only $2,000 initial deposit. The dividend rate is determined quarterly and you can deposit up to $1, 000 per month from shares or by check.

Holiday Club
With a holiday club savings account you can start shopping when your check is available, in October.  Through payroll deduction you can open your separate account for as little as $5.00.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
Are you planning for your future? We have a traditional IRA that may fit into that plan.  You may want to deposit up to $2,000 per year through payroll deduction or by check.  Please consult with your tax advisor before setting up the plan.

Additional Services
-ATM Card
-Automatic Loan Payments
-Certified Checks
-Electronic funds transfers
-Fax Withdrawal Request

To Become A Member
Please e-mail us your name and address and we will also send you the cards to open your account with us.